Изучение причин употребления в пищу Цзунцзы на фестивале лодок-драконов

Jun 06, 2024
In recent times, the question of why we eat zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival has intrigued many. This traditional custom has deep roots in Chinese culture and holds significant meaning.


Zongzi, a delicious and unique delicacy, plays a central role in celebrating this festival. The reasons for its consumption are multi-faceted. One key factor is its association with remembrance and honoring the great poet, Qu Yuan. It is believed that eating zongzi helps to keep his spirit alive and passing on his values.


Moreover, zongzi holds cultural and historical significance. It represents a part of our heritage and connects us to generations past. The making and sharing of zongzi during Dragon Boat Festival foster a sense of community and togetherness.


Furthermore, zongzi offers a taste of the season. Made with various ingredients, it provides a delightful treat for our taste buds. It also showcases the diversity and creativity of Chinese cuisine.


As we celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, let us savor the delicious zongzi and appreciate the rich traditions and meanings it carries. This custom not only satisfies our appetites but also enriches our cultural experience.

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